Asking for help is the hardest part...

It's natural to feel apprehensive or anxious when starting therapy.  It's my job to help you with that as I believe the therapeutic relationship should be at the heart of all the work we'll do together.

A session with a professional therapist should be very different from a conversation with family or friends.  

I believe that if we are not helped to manage our uncomfortable feelings, we are left to deal with them alone.  

A safe, supportive therapeutic relationship can be the first time for some people to truly feel heard.  Having our feelings validated is in itself a healthy step and knowing that you won't shock your therapist means you can be more honest.

There's no shaming, no judgement and whatever you're feeling is valid.  That's not to say it won't sometimes be gently challenged if those feelings lead to behaviour which is no longer serving you well or is increasing your sense of low self-esteem, loneliness, grief, anxiety or depression.

Often, we can be far harder on ourselves than on anyone else in our lives. Therefore, I will help you unpick some of the negative labelling you many have adopted from the past or given yourself, perhaps over many years.

I will encourage you to speak openly and freely, using whatever language you are comfortable with.

£75 for Individuals 
£90 for Couples

Safe, compassionate, supportive, non- judgemental

Quiet, calm, confidential, caring space

My therapy room is  in a beautiful setting, overlooking the river. I provide water, tissues and there is a WC for client use.  

There is parking opposite the house and I allow a gap between appointments so clients don't arrive or leave at the same time as each other.

Information on Counselling

My name is Daniella and I'm professionally qualified and accredited to provide safe and ethical therapy 

for individuals seeking one-to-one counselling and for couples who would like support together.


We all need help at certain times in our lives. However, admitting to needing help with our relationships is something people often find difficult and view as a ‘failure’. This is often because they believe that they ‘should’ be able to sort things out for themselves. However, asking for professional relationship help actually shows great strength, not weakness. In my experience, couples often report that they wish they had sought relationship help much sooner.

Human beings are complex and we all have different emotional needs. Having our needs met is important in order for us to feel safe and content within relationships. However, when our relationship runs into difficulty it will nearly always have a negative impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Perhaps your relationship has experienced a shift and things aren’t working as well as they used to be. Or maybe communication between you has diminished or there are changes in your sex life. Sometimes couples are unsure as to when and why the problems in their relationship began but it may have gone on for a number of years.

Life experiences such as bereavement, infidelity, the loss of a job or health problems can have a detrimental impact on our relationships, all of which can leave you feeling lonely, undesirable, insecure and lost. The relationship then can become a battle-ground of stored-up resentment and unkind words.

Maybe you feel your relationship would benefit from you both being able to talk openly, ideally without filtering your feelings about the other person. It can be incredibly empowering to be heard and accepted within our closest relationships.


What can be done?

I believe we would all benefit from knowing we have a “safe space” to speak to somebody who is unbiased, supportive and understanding. My aim is to ensure that my genuine down-to-earth approach will enable you both to feel comfortable enough to open about what is going on for you in your relationship.

I will not take sides or pass judgement or attribute ‘blame’ in any way. Instead, I will ask you all the right questions in order to understand what is not working as well as you would like it to, from both your points of view.

Your reason for seeking relationship counselling might be to “re-boot” your relationship, so you have a happier, more fulfilling future together. I will do everything to ensure you both feel safe and heard. The counselling space is an equal opportunity for you to share how you feel, the reasons for this and hopefully learn to see things from the other person’s perspective. 

I will then help you learn new, more effective communication tools and strategies. These will be around understanding the other person’s feelings and thoughts, increasing respect for each other and improved communication.

A positive relationship counselling experience can, amongst other things:-

Increase self-esteem

Improve intimacy between you

Improve your feelings of self-worth in the relationship

Help you both recognise and reduce negative and self-sabotaging behaviours

Leave you feeling more comfortable asking for your needs to be met within the relationship.

Alternatively. perhaps one or both parties feel a separation is inevitable and want help in doing so more amicably. As a neutral person I will support you in doing so whilst maintaining respect and compassion for each other.


What can I expect?

Sadly, no miracles.  No quick fix.

What you will have is:-

A chance to speak freely;

A chance to be really listened to;

Warm, genuine support;

Someone who can cope with whatever emotions you're experiencing, even the really uncomfortable ones;

Someone who's had therapy and will try to really experience the feelings with you;

A space to start to make sense of some of the jumbled thoughts and feelings, which are inevitable - we're human beings and we're complex!

I am Narcissistic Personality aware/trained with additional training in working with men.

I am also very LGBTQ+ friendly.  






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